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The Slow Hand Quickens

The Journal Of Someone Cool...

1 March
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  • designated_kel@livejournal.com
  • KelliBelle322
I am:
-a Graphic Design student at LSU (junior)
-the oldest of 3 siblings
-close to my family and pups! (Bijan anf Jack!) hehe
-a Scientologist
-a friendly vegetarian :)
-the girlfriend of one of the greatest guys on earth ;)
-a good friend
-positive, cheery, and happy :) haha and i like to "spread tha love" (and i'm a dork too if you haven't realized it yet)
-caring, and motherly lol

-love meeting new people
-love my friends
-currently live in new orleans (hometown) and baton rouge (college), but will move elsewhere most likely once i graduate
-looove creating relationships
-love New York and New Jersey
-think that art and music rule ("A culture is only as great as it's dreams, and it's dreams are dreamed by artists."-LRH)
-love animals!
-love life and creating!
-admire and respect those who can be themselves and who stand for something great

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i'm petite, with light brown-blonde hair and hazel eyes. i looove art and life and people and creating, and i consider myself fun, and funny! (even if, sadly, i laugh at my own jokes most of the time) hehe oh yes, and i laugh and smile A LOT!
Strengths: friendly, happy, welcoming, sweet, open-minded, spiritual, artistic, athletic ( i can hack it with the big boys hehe), low-maintenance, laughing, smiling, messy yet clean, animal lover, vegetarian, eating, relationships, loving people, accepting people
Weaknesses: i can be too nice sometimes i think. but is that really a weakness? i still haven't decided. i can procrastinate very well, and i am messy at times (a lot..) ok, enough focusing on the negative...hehe moving on...
Special Skills: wouldn't YOU wanna know...hehe j/k
Weapons: "Kill em with kindness.", they say? "Do-able!" I say. :o)
My Life Motto: "Make it go right." -L. Ron Hubbard. I believe that you are the cause of your life and are responsible for your life and the condition that you are in, therefore you can make it go however you want it to go. So why not make it go right, eh? :o)

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