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The Slow Hand Quickens
20 most recent entries

Date:2005-02-22 04:28

Kelli- meet at Brad's apartment by 2:45 to run to the Dollar Store and pick up anything else we need

D-bomb- Meet over at Brad's apartment by 3:30... bring your A game

Erin- also meet at Brad's by 3:30 to get dressed and ready

Mike- go pick up ring pops at Sams and meet over at Brad's by 3:30

Brad, Mike, Erin, Kelli, and D-bomb go to Aster by 3:50 and go to game by 4. Take signs, shirts, and ALL other things

AJ- call Brad as soon as you finish work and also get in contact with Stoner to meet him at Aster. Be sure to bring extra paint and other things left at Aster to the game

Stoner- pick up 3 pizza's from Dominos, under your name, and meet A over at Aster to get ready as soon as possible. Bring Pizza to game.

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Date:2004-11-08 23:50
Subject:do you hear what i hear...
Mood: tired

k this is for an organization run by indian women in baton rouge. they help women and children in need around the community--and all women and children, not just indians. the name of the organization is "Sharing Shores". the lotus flower is india's flower, and i wanted to use that and incorporate a feminine form with arms within the stem and leaves. tell me if it's successful or not, and which one you like better. thanks guys!

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Date:2004-11-04 14:24
Mood: artistic

i. love. this. weather. A LOT! :)

oh aaaand paul really liked my letterforms projects woohooo!

have a super daaaaaaaay

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Date:2004-11-04 10:13

my new letterforms projects!

the song "Oh Very Young" along with its lyrics, this is to show texture

And Cat stevens nameh hehe kinda going with the cat stevens theme this project. this is to show a contrast of fonts.

have a great thursday, im off to cliz-ass :)

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Date:2004-11-03 19:55
Subject:Party Pics from Halloween Weekend (sat. night) ENJOY
Mood: happy

Par-taaaayy!Collapse )

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Date:2004-11-03 00:26
Subject:Let us always luv eachother,lead us to the light,let us hear the voice of reason singin in the night
Mood: accomplished

A few things before I go to sleep:

--this past weekend was so great with jared and halloween and the parties and costumes etc! :) mwa sweetie!
--i voted today for president, senate, and rep for the first time and i am very happy about it and feel that my vote did count!
--i look forward to voting again, and hope that you all do too
--woohoo for bush, looks like a victory!
--i got caught up with my intaglio project today by spending 4 straight hours working on it in the lab, i was very productive!
--i am EXTREMLY inspired by the art on this website: http://www.misprintedtype.com/v3/ (go to the fonts section to download AWESOME free fonts)... jenny really check this site out im so impressed
--i am so excited about the holidays coming up including thanksgiving,CHRISTMAS especially, and New Years!
--the cold front beginning rules!
--i am tired from the entire weekend and driving and art lol so i'm going to go to bed now and get in touch with u cool peeps tomorrow :)

goodnight, and happy election night,
kel, a proud voter and Bush supporter
P.S. Ya'll like my new maltese icon!!! ahh hehe he looks like bijan (my maltese) only younger :)

here's some quotes i love to inspire you cool cats:

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea."-Antoine de Exupery
(this quote reminds me of a great article i read once, if i find it online, i'll post)

"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way."-Babe Ruth

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Date:2004-10-28 00:01
Subject:I'm dreaming of a white christmas...
Mood:exhilarated! :) woohoo

what a freaking productive day! in graphic abstractions i came up with ideas for the next project that i am really liking a lot. so thats awesome...i'll post some if i get the chance to. then jenny and i went to "time warp" and got nurse costumes for halloween! im so excited! and jared is going to be a doctor in scrubs! woohoo! and chris, too is going to be a doctor i believe hehe this'll be soo fun! and we have quite the weekend ahead of us, it'll be a nice change from all the hectic art and projects etc etc.. my goodness what a busy semester! i think it is for everyone too, junior year they must really kick it in on ya! hehe but its fun too so yay! ooo im soo excited about this weekend! and i can't wait to see you, jared!!!!!!!!!
anyways, im sleepy but im watching "something's gotta give" and i looove this movie so i'll just have to fall asleep to it if i can.

aww some lines from the movie:

Her: "Well this was a great night.... for me.."
Him: "Yeah it was...At one point, i even thought, soul mates..."

Him (to her): "You're not like anyone.."

anywho, goodnight guys :)

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Date:2004-10-27 13:35

this is a test to see if jenny is checking her live journal friends page in class hehehe (shes sitting right next to me ...mmuuuhahahaha!)

jenny comment if u checked it and saw this!

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Date:2004-10-26 22:41

ah ok here's jared and i's halloween dilemma. we like four different ideas to dress as for halloween...give me feedback with what yall think.
(in no particular order):

1. jared a computer with me attatched as a "mouse"-but actually as an animal mouse
2. policeman and woman but sexed up of course haha
3. doctor in scrubs and nurse, sexed up again, of course haha sorry yall lol
4. britney spears and kevin federline, well the sexed up part speaks for itself lol

haha sorry i just REALLY wanna wear fishnet stalkings bc when else a better time, right? hehe



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Date:2004-10-26 20:43
Subject:All i want for christmas is you! ;)~

this is an update to show yall my new icon! its jack and sally from nightmare before christmas! man i need to watch this movie this weekend! i loooove it!
k i'm off to rest, i caught a lil throw up nausia bug today blahh but im feeling better now!
yall have a great rest of the weeeek

oh and i officially started listening to christmas music today. yaaaaaaaaay tis the season oh and i saw christmas tree lots beginning to set up wooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

its beginning to look a lot like christmas..(to me),

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Date:2004-10-20 22:06

HI IT'S ME, KELLI!!! YEAH! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Date:2004-10-18 22:25

my letterforms projects. we had to show a difference between weight (true love) and size (oh and the sun...). they are each 8x8 inches but for some reason i couldnt get them to equally size online. anyways we could choose any words/phrases/whatever to show weight and size. the sun shines...is a lyrics from a coldplay song. NOTE: I JUST REALIZED 20 MINS BEFORE CLASS THAT IHAD THE LYRICS WRONG. IT ACTUALLY SAYS "HEART" INSTEAD OF "STAR"...OOPS HEHE SO I CHANGED IT IN A JIFFY AND ALL WAS GOOOD!

have a great night guys!

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Date:2004-10-13 02:24
Subject:With no reprise, the sun will rise, the long day is over...

yes, as jenny said before, this weather is absolutly amazing! i wait all year for it, i live for it--october/halloween weather! it's the best. it always brings back the feelings to me of a new school year, new classes, and new crushes. it also seems like the people around me are lighter in their worries. but anywho, i hope it stays a loooong time!

today was a non-stop busy productive day for me--which rules. i got everything done that i needed to get done...woohooo and i can go to bed before 5 am the night before a project is due, this is amazing!

ok i'm off to the sheets....have a great wednesday tomorrow! oh jenny remind me to tell you something funny tomorrow before art!

don't forget to watch the 3rd presidential debate tomorrow night.

peace out my peeps,
kel, a sleepy, worn-out girlie at the moment :)

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Date:2004-10-13 01:19
Subject:It's the best thing that you've ever had, the best thing that you'd ever ever had...

ok so our lovely teacher decided to give us only one day in class to work on our next project which is due tomorrow. therefore, we had monday in class to work. the assignment was to choose one of the store he gave us and do a logo for it. i chose a garden store. also, we had to include a human-like sillouette in the logo somewhere. my human-like silouette is a human profile that can be seen on each leave if you turn it sideways. its a bit hidden but i dont care at this point lol i like it and my crafmanship on this project is my best yet! woohooo
also, the top triangle is supposed to be a garden shovel, and the below figure is an acorn. aaaaand it sort of resembles a fleur de lis.
let me know what yall think!

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Date:2004-10-12 02:07
Subject:interest and sleeeeeep.........ZZZZZzzz....
Mood:strongly interested ;)~

k im going to bed, but you guys tell me something! aaaaanything your little heart desires!!!!!! :) i'm interested in whatever you got.

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Date:2004-10-11 23:38
Subject:It's quiet now and what it brings is everything...
Mood:inspired :o)

"Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold."
~Zelda Fitgerald

i love that quote. it's so romantically put. and it started me thinking about the ability and endurance of the human spirit and how much can happen to a person and yet they can still manage to make things go right. it's a wonderful, beautiful thing. and everyone has that ability, some just may not realize it. and i'm not trying to say if something terrible has gotten you down that it's no big deal. all i'm saying is that you are responsible for whatever condition you are in and no one can make yourself happy but you, and you can. :) just some thoughts...
it also made me think about love and how wonderful that is and how i do not think i could ever get enough of it or give enough of it in my life.

what do you guys think about the quote?

well, i have a loooong day and night of art beginning tomorrow morning at 9 am and ending hopefully by 2 am tomorrow night. so i will be off to sleep, my friends!
have a great tuesday!

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Date:2004-10-11 01:54
Subject:i hope you dont mind that i put down in the words how wonderful life is while your in the world...
Mood:soo happy :)

Fall break is over, and i had an amazing one. Jared and i spent most of our free time together and that was amazing. :) yesterday morning my aunt called me and asked if i could take my little 4 yr old cousin rae to 2 birthday parties of kids in her class. So i asked jared if he wanted to join me in doing this, and he gladly did. we picked up rae around 11:30 am and headed to KidsSports for and hour and a half of gymnastics fun hehe and then headed to Chuck-E-Cheese's for the other party. we were there until 5:00 pm, and i must say it was one of the funnest days i've had in a long time. we really enjoyed my cousin and felt like her parents, and that was so nice! :)
afterwards we picked up my brother and sister and went out to eat at Crazy Johnny's. that was really fun too! and soo yummy even though i only had mashed potatoes and some of a stuffed artichoke. yummmmmm! :) then we went back to my house for a little while and then rented "The Girl Next Door" and "Army of Darkness" (haha this movie is a continuation of "The Evil Dead" movies...hahaha jenny...)
anywho, we went to sleep at jared's until 6:45 am and then he drove me home in the crazy awesome hard rain. hehe twas a wonderful day and night and weekend!!!! thank you, darling. :)

i just learned about an hour ago that christopher reeve died today (sunday) of heart failure at 52. i'm really bummed about this. i always thought he'd live to walk again. he was such a strong, determined man, and i respected him so much.
man, rodney dangerfield died last week too. that's two ppl, you guys know this comes in three's, right?

ok i'm not gonna end this entry off in bad news. here's something uplifting:
"All of these things an artist must be: poet, explorer of nature, philosopher!"
-Diaries of Paul Klee, Munich 1911

ok, i'm gonna try to get some sleep for this week bc i am definitly lacking in that department. hehe
goodnight, friends. have a great week. :)
kelli, one happy mofo ;)

p.s. this mount st. helen's stuff is really interesting! volcano erupting=exciting!!! hehe

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Date:2004-10-08 12:30
Mood: happy

also, it's raining and i love it so much :)

add cold weather to it, and im in heaven hehe

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Date:2004-10-08 12:03
Subject:Light up,light up/As if u have a choice/Even if u cannot hear my voice/I'll be right beside u dear..
Mood: excited

hey guys!
hahaha my new icon rules! hehe i stole it from someone else on LJ (hehe oops...) bc i cracked up laughing soo hard when i saw it. i think its brilliant. i laughed even harder for this one than for the one one that i put on my profile of the very strange dinosaur like weirdo things (check those out too, they're great). i guess i like animals with long necks that are just awkward hahaha k moving on.......

the critique went well wednesday and he liked my elephant/cd thing and said if it were on a hat or a tshirt, he'd have to have it. so that was good. he didn't say too much about my compass, but oh well, there were worse ones.

last night was so much fun. since my mom's friend lisa who she and my aunt grew up with is on this season's survivor vanuatu, my aunt has "survivor parties" every thursday night when the show comes on. and last night lisa went for the first time and the party was bigger than it usually is, and it was soo fun. jared and i went and i think we laughed 90% of the party bc of my crazy family. hehe it was awesome, and i'm so happy for lisa that she got to live out her dream. :) yaaaay for all that!
this morning when jared brought me home we picked up krispy kreme and it was deeee-lish! thanks again, sweetie!
and tonight, i believe we are going to see shark tale!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaay im soooo excited!!!! i'll write about it after i see it. :)

ooo and at 2:30 today i have an appointment at my mom's shop for a facial! im so excited bc ive never had one before! and my sister is having one right after i'm done woohooo, this'll be great :)

ok, anyways, im going to shower and stuff so ill update you kids later! :)

have a grrrrreat day!
peace, love, and facials,

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Date:2004-10-06 03:00
Subject:must get sleep.....
Mood: accomplished

ok here's the second part of my project. an object logo. same instructions, only the logo has to be a logo for whatever object you chose. i chose a drawing compass.....aaaand this is what i came up with in 3 hours lol ahhhhhh i need sleeeeeeep! lol it's 3am hehe
sooo here it is!
let me know what yall think.

have a grrreat day tomorrow guys!
kelli :)

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